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Retriever: means to retrieve, to bring. It testifies its exceptional ability to retrieve. It manages to retrieve everything including but not exceptionally, stricken animals and also current things. This little dog is attentive, sturdy, easily manageable, teachable and responsible. These facilities make these dogs universal and usable anywhere. Almost every hunter knows Labrador and knows how to use it broadly, first of all for searching and bringing stricken animals from water and also land, in the most difficult terrain like marsh, dense reed, violent course of river, dense thicket. It is used also like an emergency dog, which made good in searching people landed up during the calamities.

   Usually it is used for leading unseeing people, accompanying immobile dolly men. It is also used for effluvial works on the airports and border crossing, it search for missing or suspicious individuals. Labrador has soft spirit, which was appreciated mainly by psychologists and   mental specialists in “Canistherapy” (that means therapy of suffering people with dog). With respect to its patience and benevolence, it is able to communicate with handicapped or mental patients. It is also used in medical institution for long –life ill children, in retirements homes etc.

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