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Country of origin:

Universal look: Strong constitution, steady knitted, very dynamic, wild cranium, wild and deep thorax, strong and well featured osphus and backside.

Characteristic: Good spirit, very sharp. Excellent scent, generous jaws, water lover, adaptable, devoted partner.

Spirit: Intelligent, active, swift, responsive and devoted. It has gentle spirit, non aggressive or shy.

Head and cranium: Wild cranium with good featured back, dry without pulp face. Chops are mezzo long, strong. Nose is wide, nostrils are good developed.

Ears: Not too large even heavy, swag along a head, are putting more at the back.

Eyes: Middling tall, show intelligence and good spirit, brown colour or look like cobnuts.

Neck: Dry and strong.

Front limbs: Arms are length and cant. Limbs have strong bone foundation, vertically stated from elbow to ground.

Body: Wild and deep thorax with good vaulted and flexible ribs. Back is square. Osphus are wild, short and strong.

Back limbs: Backside is good developed, brawny, not taper, with good developed and flexible coxal joint. Back limbs are from back-view equal.

Lever: Rounded and strong, fingers serried, good vaulted.

Tail: Expressivo characteristic this race, it should be strong in root, tapering towards the end, medium long, without hearers, grown over by short, strong, adjacent hair, seems like otter’s tail. It should by worn lightly, but it can’t by coiled on the backside.

Move: Clear and fluent, straight and standard in front view and back view too.

Hair: Espresivo characteristic for this race. It is short, dense, underhair is curliness, in touch of hand it seems like accordingly stiff.

Hair colour: Jointly black, yellow or brown chocolated-coloured. Yellow is in tone from oak to color of foxtail. Small white spots are allowed only on the front of chest.

Largeness: Ideal high is 56-57 cm dogs and 54-56 cm lady dogs in cockerel.

Defects: Any abnormal of above mentioned points must by considered to be defects and its seriousness must by considered by stage expose in regard of standard.

Notice: Dogs must have two clear goolies, wholly get down in utricle.

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