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     Our breeding station „Jorcanis“ has started up in 2003.  Breeding station founder is lady dog Jessica Solium, which we bought in 2001 at Mr. Holy breeding station. At the beginning there was no plan to establish breeding station, I just wish to fulfill my childish dream to have my own puppy. My decision to buy a dog was done in 2000 during my visit at hunter exposition in Wien, I decided for the Labrador retriever. Question was, where could I find good puppy, however I had known nothing about this breed. I started to search at the accessible web sites and insertion. Maybe it was just a luck that I found breeding station Solium from Zvolen town in Slovakia. I must say, it was really good choice. Jessica is, I think typical representative of this breed, and so it was no problem for me – beginner, to manage every condition to integrate the dog to breeding. Silent and steady spirit designated this dog to be a good human partner. As evidence we can see her three children, who are involved in training school of leading dogs (in Bratislava) for unseeing people (the dogs - Alma, Aron, Bessy).

Ja a Jesica Solium

     My dream and purpose of my breeding station is dog breeding in the way to have the dogs those interior looks like the ideal, standard of this race, and to have the dogs with ability and spirit of this race. This is the main reason why I choose the father of the puppies at first very thoroughly.

     Every non binding visit at our breeding station is welcome, you can find us at the Orava region Trstená town, just 5 km from Orava´s reservoir in the middle of the nature, where the dogs can spread their natural character bellyful.  Nowadays there are three lady dogs at our breeding station – founder Jessica Solium and her daughter of second birth Britta Jorcanis and third Beki - MISS DOLCE VITA z Choce. You can find more information in the next chapters of this web site.

The breeding station name JORCANIS is derived from:


J - Jessica (founder)

OR - Orava (region where we live)

CANIS - Canis lupus familiaris (latin dog familiar)



PaedDr.Viktor Stas, Trstená | 0918 704812 | labrador@orava.sk | ICQ : 172-903-309 | Skype me